(1) Nano-metallurgy

Dae-Hyun Nam, Ho-Young Kang, In-Kyoung Ahn, Gi-Baek Lee, Jiyong Kim

Precise phase and structure control in nanoscale is crucial for practical implementation of nanomaterials. In the synthesis process where multiple components are involved, the most of difficulties about mass production and reproducibility are related to the lack of thermodynamic and kinetic predictability. Inspired by chemical metallurgy, an insight to solve the limitations in nanomaterial synthesis has been suggested in our group.

(2) Soft materials and devices

Seol-Min Yi, So-Yeon Lee, Young-Joo Lee, Seung-Min Lim, Jeong-Ho Lee, Jae-Chan Lee, Gwang Mook Choi, Yu-Ki Lee, Jong-Seong Lee

Researches of soft materials are gradually expanding recently. Soft material is the material having Young’s modulus less than 100 MPa, which can be flexibly deformed when an external force is applied, and has a very large elastic limit. Taking the advantages of the flexibility and stretchability, soft materials can be applied extensively in the field of flexible devices, soft biomaterials, soft robots, etc. Our research groups are dealing with soft material-based mechanical metamaterials, conductive soft gels, and soft-based flexible devices. The development of our soft materials with extraordinary mechanical and electrical properties is expected to contribute greatly to the economic and technological aspects of the soft materials and devices industry.

(3) Semiconductor devices

Han-Wool Yeon, Kyung-Tae Jang, Min-Woo Jeong, Sol Kyu Lee, Min-Gi Jin, Hong-Bum Park,

The performance of semiconductor devices improves everyday and its reliability should attend with performance. Improved device technology affects scale, internal stress, and new material exploration, thereby rising new reliability problems. Our group intensively research on reliability with unique tools such as massive electrical analysis for statistical life time prediction and thermal stress analysis in thin film level. Through these experimental facilities, we focus on atomic mass transport, noble material, and transition bulk to thin film, which is industrial friendly researches such as oxide semiconductors, device interconnect, printed electrodes, thermoelectric materials, and PcRAM.